Fresh flowers from The Bouq's.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
I absolutely love fresh flowers. Anywhere & everywhere for any reason possible.
I absolutely love this bouquet that I received from The Bouq's.
I like simple but beautiful flowers. Their bouquets are perfect for just that.

All of their bouquets really highlight the beauty of the flowers.
&I love that they are completely affordable. 
Did I mention they're beautiful?

DIY Blanket Ladder.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014
I thought I would share my quick DIY blanket ladder that I quickly built a little while back.

This was seriously SO easy.
Isn't it funny that the simplest DIY projects tend to be your favorite? 
Honestly, this cost like $4 and took me about 15 minutes to build. 
All I did was buy inexpensive 1x2 stripes of pine from Lowes. 
I totally eyeballed the height...  mine ended up being about 6' tall and each horizontal strip is about 20". 

I simply measured, and screwed the pieces together with long wood screws. 
Stained it Dark Walnut by Minwax & wha-la.
Seriously, anyone can do it.
You can even have Lowes cut the wood to size if you aren't so sure about using a saw. 

I love having our pretty throw blankets on display and it adds a little bit of cozy to our family room. 

Farmhouse Console with Classic Grey stain.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
You might remember a couple months ago I showed you the awesome DIY Farmhouse console that my husband built for us. 
I loved it, but I quickly started thinking that the wood tones made the space feel a lot darker & smaller than I liked.
I ran across Minwax Classic Grey stain at Home Depot and knew it would have been a better choice than the Dark Walnut we had.
So... we sold that console. And my husband made me a fresh new one. 
Doesn't he rock? Ohh, the things he puts up with. 

Here is the new & improved Farmhouse Console in Classic Grey by Minwax.
I really love how the wood grain shows through.

You might notice that our TV is miniature right now... that would be because there may have been an unfortunate event involving water, a paintbrush, and an artistic 3 yr old. 
Insert angry and laughing emoticon. 

Room Reveal: Grandma's House.

Monday, October 20, 2014
I spent a couple days with my mom visiting & working on a few spaces around her house. I somehow managed to forget my good camera so I don't have beautiful pictures to share with you.
But it would be a shame to not show you a few of her pretty spaces.
My mom lives in the cutest little cottage style house. Her style is modern countryish.
I hate labeling styles because it's hard, and I think it's boring to play by a certain "style"

It started with a {few} massive hauls to Homegoods. I love that I can go anywhere &know that Homegoods will have a TON of great options.

I apologize for all the phone pictures. Our main focus was  her basement which was newly finished, complete with pretty wood floors, and pretty soft grey walls.
I did end up doing a few projects while I was there, including making cornice boards for her living room.
You can see what her room looked like last year when I first went and decorated her living room, here.
She had moved her sofas down to the basement because they were a little oversized for her formal living room &found a beautiful Pottery Barn leather sofa at Downeast Home.
The chairs are from Pier One Imports.
The rug is from Down to Earth home.
The lamps are from Black Goose Design.
The coffee table is Ikea.
The art above the fireplace is made by me :). 

I love this old copper bucket on her hearth. It was filled with Hydrangeas but we swapped it out with some fall wildflowers & greenery. I love that this arrangement looks like we gathered it from the area that she lives.

The cornice boards were quite the project because I pretty much made it up as I went. Isn't that the only way to do things? Anyways, we ended up using a foam board from Lowes which made them really lightweight which was GOOD, they didn't need any crazy hardware to be hung.
This is the fabric we used, my mom had it picked out before I got there. 

I'm a neutral girl, but sometimes a whole bunch of pretty colors on a fabric makes me so happy.

Down in her basement half of it is a sitting area, and the other half is a game area that will have built ins eventually. We used some gauzy panels from Ikea, and picked up a beautiful cowhide rug for under the area. I am a little jealous. I want a cowhide in my house... somewhere.

I am really bummed I didn't get any good pictures of the sitting area that is adjacent to this table. It is pretty & might have even had some faux fur involved.

Confessions of a decorator: Taking Risks & our navy blue master bedroom

Thursday, October 16, 2014

This is a true story, about someone who can walk into a room and make design decisions for anyone else without second thought.
Eh ehmm.
I can pretty much tell you what a room needs to have changed and added to make it feel complete & beautiful.

But, then I get to my house and I kinda freeze up.
It's the weirdest thing. I've literally been debating on a bedroom color for our master for a year.
A YEAR. I mean really. Why was it so scary to me?
Probably because I was really set on changing the feel completely to something completely against today's design grain. 
Everyone out there is all like, "Paint all the things white!" And I'm over here like, "I just need something saturated in my life!"
I like white, light, airy.. but color is not a bad thing either.
I have been LOVING all the navy blue accents that are starting to show up in the home accessory world. I knew I wanted navy blue in my house, and something more than an end table or a vase.

Then there was the part that nearly EVERYONE who saw the patch sample of deep navy on my wall nearly freaked out. 
What if it was a cave.
What if I hated it.
What if I ever wanted to change the color.
What if it took 5 bajillion coats of primer to cover my DARK PERMANENT mistake!
What if a future buyer of my house HATES it.
Let me tell you, that future, nonexistent, made-up, home buyer was the one who stopped me dead in my tracks the most.
I mean this isn't our forever house, so I'll have to sell it someday

Then I thought really, how dumb! Just do it Jenna! 
So I did. And I am SO thrilled with the color. It is the perfect shade of Navy. It has a LOT of pretty grey tones to it so it's not too "blue" if you know what I mean.

I pretty much have all the bedding I've been considering on the bed in these pictures. Of course it's TOO busy but it's all part of the process.
Rooms don't just pop out pretty like I think the blog world leads people to believe.

Of course the duvet will get filled with an insert if I permit it to stay. And maybe even some pretty trim added onto it.
It's all part of the process. I've been living with these linens just to see how I REALLY like them. Ya know what I mean?

I've been gathering pretty things for the walls and I am about done I just need to make some artwork for the walls. And edit the bedding selection.
I can't wait to show you how this space ends up.

So  moral of the story is sometimes you need to stop second guessing yourself, and take that risk in your house to make you completely happy. Not everything is about resale. And sometimes you know better than the current trending colors. Break that mold & just do it! 

The paint color is Relaxed Navy by Valspar.

Favorite pieces to finish those nearly done rooms.

Friday, October 10, 2014
Today I thought I would share a few things I have my eye on from online shopping.
I shop a lot okay, it's a problem.
My husband is looking into therapy.

Anyways, one of my favorite places to shop & compare things is Overstock.
Mostly because they have A LOT of stuff, pretty much whatever I can dream up.
I've had good luck ordering items from them in the past.
I find that they are a good source to look at when the heavy lifting is done and you really just want to make a room pretty. 
So pretty much this is the stage a LOT of people get stuck out.
I gathered a few of my favorites from their site that you can order and finish those half done rooms right away if you wish. 


Sometimes I just can't help myself...

Saturday, October 4, 2014
During our doll photoshoot, Ashley snapped some photos of the kids while they played and waited for us to be ready for them. I just thought I would share how sweet these simple snapshots turned out.  What's even better is how amazing (and beautiful) these two little kids are inside & out.

Grace is almost 4. She is my little social butterfly. She has the sweetest heart, my little helper. She is thoughtful and sensitive. She is curious and loves to learn. She is my little best friend and partner in crime.

Hudson is 15 months. He is literally one of the sweetest kids alive. He is always happy and smiley. He is calm and patient. He is an entertainer and snuggler. He brings a smile to everyone's face and gives out hugs freely.