Functional and small office nook.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Since moving into our house almost a year ago it's been a game of musical rooms. 
Our house isn't HUGE so I have to find ways to get the greatest amount of use and functionality out of every square inch. 
And I have two little curious children on my hands so emphasis on functionality.
And workability. 

I had my desk tucked into the guest room but I found that I needed to work more than when the kids were asleep, so I moved my desk out of there and put it smack dab in our family room. 
I can work and watch them play at the same time.

This space felt like an outlaw and cramped... so I put my designer brain on... resisted the urge to move the desk out... and took a little trip to Homegoods on the hunt for a large mirror to make the space feel bigger, and more like it belonged.
Ta-da. Homegoods always has my back.

So.. I came home, hung it up.. did what any good blogger does when they hang something on the wall... I took some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I picked up this Threshold desk from Target a few months ago, I love it.

I found this vintage chair, I plan on painting it up with some Miss Mustard Seed Milkpaint, but I can't decide on a color... so there it sits in its yellowy oak glory. 

It's kind of an unconventional space for a desk, but I'm keeping it real. I think real people have kids that fill the rooms in their houses and don't have a great office space.
So there it is.

And to get an idea of where it is in our family room... and just how small of a space I'm working with.

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The one in which I profess my undying love.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014
Remember when everyone was into painting all. the. things. I was part of that movement. I wanted white dressers for you. and you get a white dresser. and you. and you. and you. 
I am happy to report that I am in recession.
I've been apologizing to natural wood ever since.

I swooped up these wood cubbies from my friend, Nikki from Grand Design Co., if you're local & love old stuff she has a knack for finding and building the most awesome stuff. She sells most of it on her instagram

It takes pretty much zero effort to make it look awesome. I just threw some favorite summery things on it for now. 

The cubbies. The 100 cubbies. The aged wood. 
Love it all. 

The story of a toy box.

Monday, June 30, 2014
I recently redid a toy box that has been around since my birth or before I'm pretty sure. It was my toy box when I was a kid, and I have many fond memories of my brothers putting me inside and sitting on the top so I couldn't get out. 
The life of the only girl and 3 brothers. 
Enchanting I know. 
It's gone through many face lifts throughout the years, at one point, during the height of the decoupaging rage of the 90's my Mom and I painted it white, and decoupaged some rose tissue paper on it. Anddd it looked a little like this
 What a quality job I know, this might also be from my mom's "shabby chic" + chartreuse phase she went through for a while, but promptly gave up because... well I'm glad she's over that. 
Inspired by all the fabulous ideas on Pinterest a couple months ago I gave it a makeover. 
Now it fits perfectly with my taste + in  my house. 

& it's purpose is to stash my kids toys in our family rooming. 
That is the circle of life come to fruition. 
I love it. 

Tufted ottoman before & after

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
I've  been wanting to tuft something for a long time. Isn't that everyone's desire? I know you all walk around thinking that every day... you could hash tag that DIY'er problems. 
Anyways I ran across this coffee table that had pretty legs andddd that was about the extent of the good about it. Oh, it wasn't in pieces... so I guess it had 2 positive attributes but good bones will get you everywhere in life. 

I'll just go ahead and spoil it, here is the after

And here is the sad before

All it took was a couple inches of foam
Upholstery buttons
Upholstery thread
Home decor fabric
A drill
And a mathematician husband

I spent a couple extra bucks having a local upholstery shop make the buttons for me so they would be sturdy and done well. Totally worth it. 
You can buy your own button cover maker machine and do them yourself.... but
 I say spend the few bucks extra and save yourself the headache and time.

Doesn't even look like the same table right? I love how it turned out. Bad news is I want to tuft all the things now. 
I might need to look into DIY'er therapy. 

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DIY farmhouse console &a peek into our family room.

Monday, June 23, 2014
Lately I've been making some huge dents into our never ending list of projects for our house.
Such a huge dent that I haven't even taken time to blog about the finished projects. 
I don't really know where to start because SO much has changed. 
Today I thought I would share the console that my husband recently built for me, and show you a little peek into what our family room is looking like today. 

The biggest change we've made is paint our walls Edgecomb Grey by Benjamin Moore. It is the softest shade of grey and works really well with warm woods as well as cool colors. I can't even tell you how much painting all the common areas has changed the entire feel of our home. 

Our family room is rather shallow and shares a great space with the kitchen and eat in breakfast nook. This is the spot where we spend all our time as a family. 
I had a dresser as a media console for a long time, but wanted something that would fit the space better. We decided to DIY this project after gaining inspiration from the wonderful Liz Marie. Her husband so kindly provided the building plans on his blog here
We altered the length and height of the console to fit our space a little better. But that's the beauty of DIY, you can make anything you want however you want, right? 

We chose dark walnut by Minwax to finish the console in. My husband is still in shock that I didn't paint it white. Smh. 

I love this corner with a comfy reupholstered vintage chair, wall art that I made with some favorite lyrics, and my childhood toy box that I gave a little makeover to (the decoupaged rose wrapping paper just HAD to go... sorry mom!)

We are so thrilled with how it turned out!

Instasale + a new sign!

Monday, June 16, 2014

This scripture is one of my very favorites, and it is such a sweet reminder for all of us to have in our homes. It will be joining my illusive but growing etsy shop next week.
To celebrate I'm having an instasale on instagram.
Click here to follow me.
Sale ends next week. Once it hits my shop it will be more expensive, so snatch one up while you can! 

Hudson's eclectic vintage nursery.

Monday, May 19, 2014
I've been meaning to share Hudson's sweet little room for a while. 
I love it in there so much. 
It turned out just the way I hoped which makes me happy. It's definitely a mix of vintage with some eclectic touches. Colorful, and easy going... all the things a kids room should be. 

I was lucky enough that the previous owners put the bead-board in, it adds such a nice custom touch. 

 I used an old egg crate for the light fixture, and industrial pipes for the curtain rods.

I love it because it's unique and not you're typical baby boy look. I tried to pick pieces that could grow with him as he does. &that walmart rug! Are you kidding me! It's uniquely him, and uniquely me.
Sometimes I think it's awesome to throw tradition to the wind and make a room filled with what you love & like. As long as you chose some colors to carry through and bring it together, you're good to go!

Wall color: top Revere Pewter by BM, bottom swiss coffee
Herringbone Rug Walmart
Crib Ikea
Bedding Pottery Barn
Chair vintage from The Old Brickhouse Market in Mesa.
End Table Target
Dresser Vintage
Egg basket for light fixture Old Brickhouse Market.
Window Treatment handmade.
"Be Brave" sign, made by me.
If I didn't list it it was probably a vintage find.