Handmade Doll + Vintage Tea Party Photoshoot

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
If you follow me on instagram you might have known about the little vintage tea party doll photoshoot I recently styled for Cotton Candy Dollies.

Cotton Candy Dollies is a local Arizona handmade doll company who makes the most AMAZING dolls.  My friend Ashley Hall Photography was the Photographer for the shoot, and she did a beautiful job capturing the feel of the shoot I wanted.
I really am so blessed to rub shoulders with talented beyond belief people.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day.

Making the perfect gift.

Saturday, September 20, 2014
My very best friend from my teenagerhood is getting married & I am SO excited for her to join the amazing world of the married's. 
I really love to give gifts with a special touch, that will still have meaning and significance in years to come. Little touches go a long way to make a present stand out among the hoards of wedding presents. 

I am so in love with this card I ordered from Treat by Shutterfly
It is custom designed &made for my specific occasion and is even LESS expensive than a lot of standard cards at the regular store. 
Plus, there's only ONE like it in the world. Talk about upping the special factor. 

There are so many beautiful customizable designs on their website for all occasions to choose from. 

I'm adding this card on top of a special present that I don't want to share just yet, since the wedding hast happened yet.. eh emm. I am so excited to add this sweet touch as the icing on top of something beautiful and handmade for my dear friend. 

A classic & fresh master bathroom.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Our home has a lot of great things about it, and we have been slowly making it our own. 
Lately, the bathrooms have been on my mind because they remain pretty builder grade and boring. Before I start any project, especially large scale and pricey I like to research products and figure out what is out there.
I found a great website called Modern Bath. On their website they pretty much have everything you could dream up for a Kitchen or Bathroom redesign. It was a lot of fun looking through their website and put together pieces I would love in our own master bathroom.

I don't really like a lot going on in bathrooms, I think they should always feel fresh and clean.
So a light & crisp color palette is very important in my world.
I love fresh mixed with classics, all the hardware I chose are very classic and pretty.
I've been dying over these widespread style faucets that are all the rage right now. Even if they weren't trendy I would still love them because their nod to vintage, farmhouse style, and classic charm.
Best of all worlds? I think I found it... in a faucet.


Vintage Crate Wall.

Thursday, September 11, 2014
I stopped by my favorite little vintage market in Downtown Mesa today and couldn't resist grabbing a few of these old wood crates. 
I had no plan, but aged wood... it speaks to me. 
I came home and decided to hang them on the wall in our family room where my little makeshift office used to be since the kids are now sharing a room and I get to have a full fledged office again (more on that to come)

This all began this morning, and here it is. Wha-la.

I, of course, will play with the accessories... I'm thinking more white going on and less crazy color for sure.
I'm just being cautious filling them with all my favorite white dishes... part of me thinks they're going to come crashing down.
Once they earn my trust I'll put more breakables in them I think. 

I quickly built this blanket ladder the other day and I love how they look together. 

What do you think?
I am liking the look so far. 

Shared Boy & Girl Room Inspiration

Friday, September 5, 2014
Right after I finally got in the groove for Grace's room, and posted about it. She started BEGGING me to let her share rooms with her baby brother. I was really hesitant at first, a toddler + a  baby in the same room... EEK. Plus, I thought I was going to have to kiss cute rooms for the both of them goodbye.

You can see Grace's room here
And Hudson's room here

Anyways, I realized that she REALLY genuinely wanted to share a room with her brother because she loved him SO much. One day she came to me and said, "Mom, I don't care if my room has flowers, I just want to share it with my brother."
How could I say no to that.

Before taking the plunge I had a couple test nights. But after the first excitement filled night, I found that they slept BETTER together. Weird right?
I'm getting a bonified office out of this, and I found out my kids love each other in MASS amounts... even more than I thought. Winning all around.

I have already begun the decor change, but I thought I would share my inspiration board with you because it's REALLY hard to find cute ideas for a shared gender kid space.
And because I really like the direction it's heading. 
It's very neutral which is good for my decorator whims that are bound to happen. I did add just a little bit of color added with the turquoise accent fabrics I plan to bring in through pillows and perhaps a few other ways.
I actually have two matching vintage spindle beds like the ones from my inspiration picture. 
Right now the baby is still in a crib, so eventually he will have the bedding shown.
The bedding is from Ikea.
The art is Lindsay Letters.
The rug is Urban Outfitters.
The pendant is Ikea.
The fabrics are from fabric.com.
And the cute little dollies are handmade from Cotton Candy Dollies here in Arizona. I'm actually collaborating with the owner of this shop for a FUN project in the next couple weeks.

Of course there will be a few DIY projects mixed in because I can't help myself. 

The truth about having a pretty house.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

I haven't shared anything personal on the blog for a LONG time. I like to just show you pretty pictures and that's all. But something has been on my mind for a while and I thought I would share, and maybe make yourself feel a little better about those people who have pretty houses. 
I get told a lot, "Your house is so pretty. You must have it all together."

I chuckle but inside I am DYING to tell them what it's REALLY like to have a nonstop creative brain.
It's like a never ending "must-change-that" thought process when I walk through my house. 
A little unsettling.
It's like the DIY'er curse.  

So I thought I would break the "must have it all together" persona and give you a glimpse of what a madhouse I really have for a life.

Really what it's like to be a DIY'er, designer, and "have a pretty house."
A lot of half finished rooms that you can't.stop.thinking.about. 
A lot of half finished projects (I'm getting better at this.)
A lot of indecision about fabrics and curtains because you are always making decisions for other people... by the time you get to your house your brain is tired and you have WAY too many options on the table.
A lot of fruitless shopping outings.
A lot of hearing what other people's houses look like.
A lot of messy rooms... because ain't nobody got time to clean when you're knee deep in a very intense DIY project.
A lot of cans of paint in your kitchen (unless you are good at putting things back... which again... ain't nobody got time for that.)
A lot of math (which leads to a lot of headaches... haha)
A lot of thinking, planning, failing, rethinking, retrying.

A lot of sweaty garage days.
A lot of ruined manicures and tshirts.
A lot of looking like a train wreck.
A lot of feeling like a train wreck.
A lot of people thinking you're a train wreck (why can't you answer just a simple question about my curtains straight... no really, why can't you?!)

A lot of success, but a fair amount of failure.
So really, I am a hot mess.. but at least I have a pretty house. 

Gallery wall + DIY industrial coffee table.

Thursday, August 21, 2014
The formal living room at our house is the poor neglected room while the other spaces evolve. I've finally been giving it a little attention. There are big plans on the horizon, like board and batten, built ins, new window treatments, and a sofa. 
Until those magical mystical things happen I didn't want it to be an eye sore since it is what people see when they walk into my house. yaknowwhatimean? 

I started this gallery wall a few months ago and it has been evolving ever since. Ya know, I walk by something in another room, grab it, and relocate it because clearly it was meant to live on this wall instead. It's really just a bunch of things I had hastily put together & all my other walls might be bare now but... I'll just make some more stuff for them, right?
 Some things I made, some things I bought, and filled in the rest with pictures of cute kids and that darling husband of mine. 
Not too shabby though.

The coffee table started off as just a base that I found on a local yardsale page. It had a weird silvery finish. So I picked up some Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed-Bronze spray paint and gave it a little makeover.
My husband whipped up the top for it out of some pine boards from Lowes, and it is stained Dark Walnut by Minwax. 

The chairs I picked up from Downeast Home, which is a total secret weapon for locals. They sell discounted name brand furniture. These chairs happen to be Pottery Barn originally, but I picked them up for a much smaller price tag from Downeast Home.

The rug is actually from Hobby Lobby. Insane huh?
The pretty linen pillows are from Ikea.

Here is the coffee table before. 

And after

What do you think? 

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